About Us

This story can be traced back to 1947, when my grandfather set up shop in Singapore for the first time. He had brought along a very specific skill set with him, the heralded art of mixing spices. Mr Ramanathan Chettiar was indeed one of the pioneers of our generation, and this is the legacy that has been brought forward by his son, and subsequently his grandson, the third generation .
Many decades have passed since Mr Ramanathan first set foot on our shores, but our passion for creating and concocting fresh, aromatic spice mixes has not waned. In fact, its appeal to the masses has only steadily increased across the years. Through steadfast commitment to sustain a satisfied customer base, we have attained an honoured reputation for delivering only the freshest and finest spice powders, such as turmeric, fennel, cumin and coriander.
Jeya Spices has now evolved to also house many other groceries, doubling as a one-stop service for our endearing customers. We play host to a plethora of goods, from about 15 brands of basmati rice that cater to individual tastes, to an exhaustive array of dried fish that will awaken the nostalgia of especially, our older consumers. We have oil, condiments, canned food amongst our large inventory and our lengthy list of items continues to grow to this day.
We procure a wide variety of vegetables, but our showstoppers are our freshest and rarest kampong greens, (moringa, dwarf copperleaf, hummingbird leaf) .With affordable prices and streamlined focus on customer service and the freshest goods, Jeya Spices continues to strive for excellence.